What are the benefits of Riso printers?

Riso are one of our trusted partners so we’re obviously biased – but with speedy and low-cost printing, fantastic quality, great eco credentials and a range of cost-reducing functions we think you’ll be sold, too. Here are just some of the benefits of Riso printers...

Reducing customer costs is what Riso is all about. Take ink, for example. With the clever auto colour mode, ink consumption is minimised when the printer detects the absence of colour. Then there’s paper – the blank page removal function reduces time, paper and running costs, while multi-up printing puts multiple pages onto a single printed page.

Fast working
When it comes to the benefits of Riso printers, speed is right up there. A conventional colour office printer will take 25 minutes to print 1,000 full-colour single-sided pages. A Riso printer will do it in less than 7. Not only that, you won’t be wasting valuable staff time with a Riso printer– a high-capacity feeder and stacker means high-volume print runs can roll out unattended and uninterrupted.

Got confidential documents to print? Riso works with a PIN code so only you can authorise and view the print job.

Eco friendly
Riso printers have great eco credentials with low power consumption in standby and sleep mode plus automatic power shut-off that allows you to schedule when the printer is powered on and off. All this, and it’s nice and quiet, too.

Aesthetically pleasing
Riso printers don’t just work hard to keep things cost-effective, they make your print jobs look good too. Expect reduced ink see-through and improved black ink density courtesy of Riso’s newly developed ink technology. Envelope printing looks exquisite. And forget ugly jagged edges on large fonts and illustrations.  

Multi-function finishing
Stapling, punching, folding, booklet-making – the benefit of Riso printers is that they can handle it all.  And crunch down to each function and you’ll find plenty of options, like a choice of two- or four-hole punching and one or two corner staples.

Easy operating
Yes – really! For all the their bells and whistles Riso printers are a doddle to operate thanks to the colour LCD touch screen that has everything at your fingertips. You won’t struggle to change ink cartridges either because Riso has made that super-easy, too.

Here are two resources showing a RISO comparison chart and a Konica Minolta copier comparison chart.

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