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Inplant is an authorised PaperCut reseller

PaperCut MF is an easy to use, cost effective print accounting and management software designed to help organisations save money by preventing excess and unauthorized printing, copying, and scanning. Our certified PaperCut professionals can tailor a solution to best fit your organisation. From initial consultation to final deployment, we can help you;

Control & Reduce Costs

One of the leading features of a PaperCut MF solution is "Find-me" secure print release which protects the privacy of confidential documents while slashing the volume of unclaimed printouts. “Find-me” lets the user decide which printer or copier to use by swiping an ID badge or entering a username and password at any PaperCut enabled device.

Print from iPads and Chromebooks

With thousands of iPads and Chromebooks being deployed in Education, Healthcare and other organisations around the world, it’s become a challenge to address the need to print from mobile devices. PaperCut MF includes support for both iOS printing and Google Cloud Print from mobile devices. This eliminates the need for individual printers or copiers to support these print technologies from within the individual device.

Recover the cost of Printing and Copying

Law firms, Accounting Practices, Universities and most Professional Service businesses have traditionally passed the cost of printing, copying and faxing along to their clients / students and in some cases actually generate a profit. PaperCut MF makes it easy to recover print, copy, scan and fax costs by integrating with popular Campus Card billing systems (for Universities) and Practice Management Billing Systems (for Law Firms).

Detailed Reporting

PaperCut includes more than 50 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or exporting. Reports address all areas ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device, or environmental impact. Comprehensive reporting is the key to documenting your cost savings and return on investment. Embedded Device Support

PaperCut's embedded software is fully compatible with both our Utax and Riso products.

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