Good feeling in the print industry

Post-Brexit, despite less-than-full order books and uncertainty around new contracts the general feeling among print and paper manufacturing groups is one of confidence.

So says Bettine Pellant, chief executive of the Printing Industry Confederation (PICON), whose members include the British Paper Machinery Suppliers Association. According to Pellant, PICON members’ profits were up from the previous month and, thanks to the weak pound on exports, finishing equipment manufacturers were doing well.

With no reported impact from Brexit the feeling was that ‘business is steady’, said Pellant. While members weren’t currently investing in new equipment, they were however upgrading their existing systems as well as focusing on business improvement strategies, such as reducing water and energy usage.

For BPMSA member companies, last year’s closure of Aylesford Newsprint in Kent triggered a boost in business – with much of the site’s equipment being removed and recommissioned by members and installed in India, China and Egypt. ‘Although that’s a very sad story, it’s also positive in another respect,’ said Pellant.

After her meeting with PICON members, Pellant said it was clear that the mood was one of confidence in the future. ‘Put it this way: we had a members’ golf day and you know things are going well when they have to cancel because they’re too busy to come.’ 

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