On the campaign trail? Riso printers/MFPs can save you £1,000s

When it comes to campaigning, political organisations need fast, reliable and cost-effective printing and photocopying. That’s why Riso’s money-saving solutions get their vote...

During a political campaign, parties will get through thousands of sheets of paper, so it’s vital that none of that paper goes to waste. One of the key features of Riso’s printers/MFPs is the blank page removal option, which pretty much does what it says and automatically omits any blank pages. It saves paper – not to mention reduces running costs.

When a political party is campaigning, it can’t afford to lose momentum – which is why high-speed printing is a must. Riso printers/MFPs are fast, with an output of up to 150 pages per minute. They also come with a high-capacity feeder and stacker to keep the print job moving.

Using colour really helps political parties to get their message across, but making an impact can come at a cost. Enter Riso’s Auto Colour Mode. This minimises ink consumption when you’ve got documents with both monochrome and colour pages by automatically detecting whether colour is present or not. Another ink-saving feature is Single Colour Printing – with this you can print your campaign material in cyan or magenta to achieve a colourful effect without the full-colour cost.

With so much photocopying and printing going on during a political campaign, electricity bills can really take a hit. So it’s good to know that when it comes to power consumption Riso’s ComColor 9150 uses just 0.15 Wh per sheet. It also has an energy-saving Power Schedule function that allows users to automatically set the printer to come on and go off at the desired times.

Some printers/MFPs do a decent job of printing and photocopying but don’t deliver on all the little extras that can quickly add to the expenditure incurred during a political campaign. Riso’s handy Multi-Function Finisher option takes care of tasks such as stapling, hole-punching, folding and booklet-making – saving you the cost of outsourcing or doing the labour-intensive work yourself.

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