Save money on your school copier costs

Photocopiers have a tough job at school. Worksheets, classroom handouts, reports, booklets, posters – there’s a lot of photocopying to be done. Where budget is a major issue, it pays to do your homework, so here are some ways to help you save money on your school photocopier costs.

Double up to reduce costs
Paper reduction is a doddle with a duplex option, allowing both sides of paper to be used – just remember to set the photocopier to duplex as default. If the photocopier has a reverse automatic document feeder (RADF), you can still use duplex when you’re photocopying multi-page documents.

Be canny about colour
Colour makes it easier for children to learn, so you’ll definitely want a photocopier with colour capability. Obviously, colour toner will increase running costs but there are still ways to make using colour cost-effective. For example, what’s known as hybrid colour-capable copiers allow you to use colour only when it’s required, with the black toner used just for black and white.

Save trees – and money
Duplex isn’t the only way to reduce the amount of paper you use, helping you save money on school copier costs. Some photocopiers give you an option to copy multiple pages onto one single sheet of paper. Also look out for photocopiers that give you these options:-
* blank page removal: blank pages are automatically omitted (this also saves time and helps reduce running costs)
* document management features: use these to set quotas to avoid unnecessary copying
* scanning from a networked photocopier: with this, you can scan the document from the network and send it to yourself to make on-screen changes rather than on a photocopied page

Don’t go soft on software
Software like PaperCut MF can go a long way to helping you save money on school copier costs. Excess or unauthorised photocopying can be prevented using the software’s security features, while easy-to-read costing information helps you stay within budget.

Save energy
Find a photocopier with eco-friendly credentials. One that has a low standby power, saves energy during period of inactivity and allows you to programme usage times can save you money on school copier costs – and help your school save the planet, too.

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