The truth about your school's print costs

Do you know how much your school spends on printing? Many schools don’t – and if you’re one of them then it’s time to review your print costs...

The good news is there are huge savings to be had by auditing your print costs. Research by one well-known printing manufacturer pointed to a saving in primary schools in England of between £1,500 and £3,500 if they audited their print costs then made the necessary changes. For secondary schools, that figure could be as high as £40,000.


A review of your print costs could point to toner taking up much of your budget. A simple cost-cutting exercise is to reduce the print resolution – it will cut down on ink but should still be sufficient quality for routine classroom printing.

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At Inplant, we understand the importance of colour in helping to facilitate learning – that’s why we specialise in supplying printers to the education sector. However, colour can be an expensive option for schools if you don’t have the right printer for your requirements. This is where a review of your print costs can help to measure your colour usage and give you recommendations on how to make savings.


Schools get through a lot of paper – up to 1 million sheets per school per year, according to estimates. Yet a review of your print costs will probably show that much of your paper use is unnecessary. With today’s high-tech printers it’s easy to print on both sides of paper (duplex) as well as print multiple pages per sheet of paper. There’s also a very simple way to use less paper – use a smaller font size for printing. The most economical font, according to a Which? Survey, is Times New Roman.

We offer a no-obligation free print audit that allows us to analyse how you use your printer and what it’s costing you. From that, we can recommend cost-effective solutions to help you use your printer more efficiently.

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Offering innovative technology and unrivalled expertise specific to your unique requirements, Inplant provides print cost savings with fast and efficient printing solutions designed specifically to suit party needs and expectations. From transactional printing, through to direct and promotional mail, as well as security printing – be assured that we can cater for your political party needs.

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Managed Print Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of managed print solutions, which includes everything from convenience desk-based systems and resource management, through to dedicated follow me environments utilising innovative print management systems..

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